But beyond the wintry photos that you may take against a snowy landscape or the silvers and blues that can be found all over the trees and sky, it helps to have a little inspiration to help you determine how to put together such a special day. After all, to make your wedding day a truly magical experience, it has to be both true to you and adapted to the realities of cold weather.

With the following ideas, we hope that you’ll be able to identify with some of the latest in winter wedding trends. But remember, weddings are only as special as they are you and your dreams. We may suggest florals, color schemes, and lighting, but we encourage you to share your vision with us, and we’ll make it our goal to turn it into a reality.

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Choosing Lighting to Mesmerize Guests

Lighting is a critically important component for winter weddings, and when it comes to these weddings, think soft but also lush and mesmerizing. Consider the impact of artfully placed—and safe—candlelight throughout the venue that will be gentle on the eyes and instill that feeling of magic.

  • Consider lighting thoughtfully wrapped throughout the natural displays, such as plants and trees with bare branches.
  • Consider lighting that hangs from above so that the light itself is a part of the decoration rather than simply highlighting it.

Fanciful, colored lighting is not as popular this time of year. Instead, soft whites are often used to bring out the natural winter colors.

Choose Color Schemes that Complement Winter’s Glow


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Color schemes are crucial for winter weddings, and the trends here have not changed much in the past many years. When you think about winter and snowy landscapes, you most likely think about colors such as whites, shimmery silvers, matte silvers, pastel blues, and deeper blues. This color scheme creates a feeling of elegance and a winter wonderland for a truly classic look. However, these are not the only colors that you can match with winter.

  • Consider cool greens, such as sage green, which you can incorporate into your greenery and florals.
  • Also, majestic golds and shades of caramel for a feeling of warmth and a little shimmer.
  • Lavender is also a color that complements blues and silvers well, especially when it’s in a pale, muted shade, as well as soft, elegant touches of peach.

When we designed our outdoor winter wedding venue at The Estate at New Albany, we wanted to ensure that the sight outdoors would complement any festivities indoors. You may want to consider how your own designs can match with ours as well. But don’t worry – even if you prefer something more unique, chances are it will fit beautifully.

Florals that Match the Winter Tones

We touched upon florals while talking about color schemes but let’s dive a little deeper. First, of course, you want your florals to contribute to the overall aesthetic of your wedding venue. But most people do not want them to be a distraction, as the white of winter tends to be the primary draw of this type of wedding.

So instead, think about the colors of your florals as a way to complement the color scheme used throughout the venue, as well as the shapes and sizes of the designs and flowers themselves. Here are some of the flowers in season throughout the winter, as noted by The Spruce.

  • Anemone flowers are gorgeous when in ivory and complement the classic and shimmery winter wedding color schemes. Their centers are black, which can create a sense of drama.
  • Consider going all out with carnations. These big, fluffy flowers can create an over-the-top look if you really want to make a statement with your florals. They’re available in a variety of colors, which include ivory, peach, and blush, all of which can enhance your color scheme.
  • You may also want to consider daffodils. These flowers are quite charming and have a unique, fun shape. In yellow, they can provide a sense of sheer bubbliness and joy, but in ivory, these flowers transform into enchanting centerpieces.

The Impact of Mixed Metals on Your Winter Theme Wedding

One more recent winter wedding trend is incorporating mixed metals into your wedding. Mixed metals create a variety of fascinating aesthetics, depending on the shape of the item and how it is being used. For example:

  • If you’re looking for an artistic, contemporary look, consider metal vases for your flowers. This can complement any shimmery shades, such as any gold and silver used throughout your color scheme.
  • However, metals don’t have to look modern; they can also provide a timeless appearance. Think about incorporating metals into your lighting, as well as dazzling golds into your dinnerware. This will give your venue a sense of drama and elegance.

Outdoor Photography That Fits Your Winter Wedding Theme


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When we developed The Estate, we did so with the knowledge that picture perfection is an important part of any wedding. For example, one of the most lovely and exciting parts of having a winter wedding is the snow. This natural element can look wonderful in your wedding photos, providing a sense of festivity and charm.

To truly capture the winter wonderland look, The Knot suggests lovely, falling snowflakes throughout your photography, trees with snow playfully hanging from the branches, as well as mountainous landscapes in the background of your photos.

Find Your Dream Wedding at The Estate at New Albany

The Estate at New Albany is a full-service event venue specializing in weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Our emphasis is on timelessness, elegance, sophistication, and providing you with an experience you will absolutely never forget. So no matter your winter wedding theme ideas – whether it’s a trend or something just for you – give us a call today, and we’ll bring it to life.

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