Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2023

1. Tuscan-style Table Layouts 

Kamryn Brown, Assistant Director at WatersEdge Events, a BTTS Venue, tells us more and more clients are leaning towards Tuscan-style table layouts whether it be for the head table, family tables or both.

At these tables, the bridal party — plus their dates — sit around one big dining table as if having their own big supper party at the reception. This way the bride and groom are surrounded by their wedding party who get to have their dates sitting with them so they don’t have to sit awkwardly at a side table.

It seems like everyone is loving the idea of eating and chatting across the table, and their expansive size allows for fun and creative tablescape designs with non-traditional vessels, including tinted candlelight and colorful wax candles. 

Tuscan style table layout

2. Color-heavy Floral 

We asked Kristin Pulcheon, Director at Fiori Florals Design Studio, what she is seeing in floral design this year.

She explained that color is the overachieving theme for florals right now. Bright and bold pinks, reds often mixing in with all shades of oranges, moody peaches and sometimes unexpected pops of offbeat blue hues are being requested. Shades of purple are still important and can be paired with yellowish-green chartreuse and/or desaturated jewel tones.

Bridesmaids are carrying smaller bouquets with less greenery that still have a lot of impact. The bold color blooms are taking center stage.  

Bold color bouquet

3. Guest Experience Decor 

Day-of wedding décor is focused on the guest experience, with rentals such as comfy couches, chairs, rugs and specialty lighting. Rather than spending a ton on decor, couples are leaning towards rentals and buying decor that is reusable in some way post-wedding, such as signage that can be hung at home or fun glassware that can be put in their own kitchen.  

4. Dynamic Accents 

There’s an emphasis on dynamic backdrops and aisles to create the “WOW” factor. Dramatic installations are adorning the reception with mono-floral designs that include fewer types of flowers clustered on one floral element en masse for greater impact.  

Hanging floral installation over cocktail tables

5. Sustainably Minded 

Sustainability is important for many couples, with an emphasis on forged and found. It’s about personalization and ethos of breaking the “norm.” Decor becomes more intentional with a focus on sustainable sourcing, locally grown wildflowers, vines, roots, twisted branches and dried seed pods all adding to the unique beauty while aligning with moral values.  

Bride with petite bouquet

No matter which trends you embrace, our team always recommends that couples planning a wedding select a wedding team that is like-minded and there to help you plan your special day. 

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